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Dear friends / customer!

I`ve started to photograph my collection and here are the first photos.

More material will come soon.



I`ve also found a really very nice guy with a breath taking homepage who was so nice to give
me the permit to use some of his AGRIAS and PREPONA photos.

His name is LARS ANDERSEN and this is his homepage:

Take a look at the BOLIVIA photos and I can give you my guaranty that your heart will
beat like wild and you will have the wildest ideas about adventure when you see these
wonderful butterflies out in nature and fantastic places.
My first idea was to sell all my specimen and go to this wonderful place of earth!
!!! I think these photos are a good reason to take care about our nature !!!

Here are the new updates:

Prepona gnorima jordani
Prepona gnorima philetas
Prepona omphale caucensis
Prepona pseudojoiceyi fonquerniei
Prepona pseudomphale pseudomphale
Prepona pseudomphale ssp.


A special thanks to all my visitors who made this homepage such a great success


site has been updated on 19.II.2007

 new photos and informations will be added!


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